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Have you taken out a loan, credit card or mortgage prior to 2010?

If so, you may have been sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). PPI is supposed to cover your monthly payments should you be unable to work due to accident, sickness or redundancy. However, many of these policies were mis-sold and if you were sold a PPI policy you may be due compensation.

Will I Qualify?

If you believe you have taken out a PPI policy - act now and call us on 0345 619 1055 or fill out our simple online PPI claim form above.

Free PPI Checking Service

If you are not sure if you have been paying PPI on your historic borrowing, we can contact your lenders to see if you were charged any PPI. We conduct this service for you completely free of charge. All you need to do is provide us with are the name(s) of any lenders you have held finance with in the past and we can approach them for your information.

If you were sold PPI, we can attempt to make a compensation claim on your behalf in an effort to recover any compensation which may be due to you. However, there is no obligation on you to use our services should we locate PPI.

Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Will My Claim Be Successful?

Thousands of clients have already successfully claimed millions. So much so that the banks have budgeted for up to £40.2 billion of compensation which you could be entitled to!

So act now before its too late and call us on 0345 619 1055 or fill out our online PPI claim form above.

PPI News

  • Customers have been overcharged by £1.4 billion per year for PPI
  • PPI adds 13%-56% to the cost of your loan
  • Banks lose high court action to avoid settling claims
  • £40.2 billion now set aside by lenders to fund compensation payments
  • We have recovered over £7.7 million for our customers

How Much Could I Claim?

The average compensation offer on a successful single claim is £2,200. However, you may receive far more than or far less than this.

The amount you receive depends on:

  • The amount of your finance or balance of your credit card
  • The original cost of the policy
  • Whether you had other loans with the same provider which paid off earlier loans

The £2,200 average does not take into account our charges of 30% + VAT.

The average compensation figure is net of income tax which will be applied to the 8% compensatory element of your compensation offer.